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Sisu Sambad has changed to the square centimetre format for billing. However, material has to be submitted in the column centimetre format only.

Sisu Sambad

Website Except Index Page: Yearly Rs.5000.00

Website Index page: Yearly Rs.25000.00

Sisu Sambad Size :Tabloid page size 17" x11"(432mm x 279mm)

Sisu Sambad Front Page

Quater Page: Rs.2500.00

Half Page: Rs.5000.00

Sisu Sambad Inside Page

Quater Page:Rs.2000.00

Half Page: Rs.4500.00

Full Page: Rs.10000.00


Innovative Advertisements

Acceptance of such advertisements is subject to management approval. If accepted, a premium of upto 50% will be additionally charged. The cost will be determined according to the type and extent of innovation.


Special Category

25% discount on social awareness advertisements, 25 % discount for 'lost' or 'missing' advertisements.

25% extra for reverse advertisements / advertisements with statutory warning. 50% extra for election advertisements. Box Facility Charge: Rs. 500


To make sure that reproduction is of good quality:

Material should be given only in the digital format - as a Corel Draw (CDR), EPS or Acrobat (PDF) file.

All text should be converted to curves! vectors, or fonts must be given.

All colours should be only in CMYK format.

Material should be sent on a CD or in a zipped version, mentioning the software used. A reference output printed on newsprint is also required.

The material can also be sent by email to:


Positives / Negatives, Artworks and Laser Outputs shall not be accepted.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 37368605289
IFS Code: SBIN0007245
Branch Code: 7245