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Our Mission
Our mission is to establish Swami Vivekananda Internationaal Residential School for quality education from Nursery to Higher Secondary in English medium under CBSE for Street, working children in North Bengal.

Mukhopadhyay Foundation NGO in India, since its creation in 2009, foundation's mission has been to the building of peace, poverty eradication, lasting development, with education for poor as one of its principal activities to achieve this aim. The Foundation is committed to provide safe shelter, Food, Health care and Education through Residential School with the belief that Education play fundamental role in human Social and Economic developmentl.

Our Works
Our programmes originate from specific needs in Higher Secondary Education, we search for low cost solutions that rely on partnership and our vast and comitted volunteer base,our main dreaM project is to establish "SWAMI VIVEKANANDA INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL" for Street and Working Children and give second chance to dropout and vocational training
Literacy and Learning

Mukhopadhyay Foundation's flagship programme aim to provide education to street and working children in the age group 4 - 18 years age group in residential school across North Bengal, India.

Girls' Education

Poor, street and second chance programme gives dropout students, especially girls, a chance to complete higher secondary school education and acwuire skills for employment through free residential school.

Vocational Training
  Swami Vivekananda International Residential School will be for literacy,education in english medium from Nursery to Higher Secondary and Vocational training to provide street and working children with employabillity skills.  
Our Past Work
  Mukhopadhyay Foundation is an operating foundation 80% of our fund spending directly to programs that improve the children's lives around the North Bengal.  
Nepal Earthquake
The April 2015 nepal Earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. On May 3,2015 Mukhopadhyay Foundation handed over the relief materials to Nepal Army
Health Awarness
Organized health camps and awareness camp in slums for the people suffering with disease. We are taking care of health related problems of slum people with your generous contribution.